Beamline ScienceDMZ

The Science DMZ's role in a beamline data acquisition network.

Conceptual - eBGP 40G Core

Conceptual drawing of a 40G campus network core utilizing BGP and private ASNs to allow for traffic engineering.

Conceptual - Flow Collection

Conceptual drawing of flow collections infrastructure for Cybersecurity monitoring.

DC Switch STP Planning

Diagram of datacenter switch infrastructure for per-VLAN STP bridge priority planning when root bridge varies by gateway.

DTN and PerfSonar Deployment

Early deployment of Data Transfer Nodes and perfSonar nodes in the campus network.

Email Tapping

Design for passive tapping of encrypted and decrypted email traffic.

External Connectivity for Instrument Network

Topology of a scientific instrument network and connectivity to other buildings, a partner organization, and service provider networks.

Long Distance Performance Tests

Diagram used in troubleshooting long distance data transfer performance.

Multicast Topology

Topology of multicast environment with firewall.

Off-site OSPF Costs

Illustrating core network point-to-point link costs in OSPF.

Off-site WDM Planning

Designs for redundant circuits to off-site buildings, including Wave Division Multiplexing.

OpenFlow Workflow

Early workflow for pushing flow information from a configuration database to a Ryu controller to operate OpenFlow-enabled switches.

Q-in-Q Planning

Diagram of 802.1ad (Q-in-Q) configuration for Metro-Ethernet aggregation and local speed-stepdown.

STP Maintenance Planning

Maintenance planning for wireless core during a link failure scenario with STP.

Tap Aggregation Design

Design for aggregation of passive optical taps of 100G external peerings and 40G core network links.